Thursday, July 22, 2004

Idiot Savant

As I cruise into my 3rd post of the day (and it's only been approximately 45 mins since I started this thing) I realize I haven't introduced myself. So let me dispel some of the suspense with listing some things that you might want to know (or not know - which in that case it would be T. M. I. i.e. Too Much Info)

name: hmmmm...still fudging on this one. So just call me Ahta for now.
birthplace: pasco, wa
interests: video games, bootleg movies, computers, drinking, smoking, good conversation, reading and that's pretty much it
why blog? because it's some place to put my meandering thoughts
what do you do? website design and tech support
will you update frequently? probably not. i have school and a full-time job. stop lying ok...ok. I will be updating frequently because i have no life
how old are you? 29 and dammit, the years are just ticking by
any pets? yep. a chow-chow spitz that I adore and a neighbor who i offer a bone to now and then as well

Well, that's about it. If you want to know anything else, just leave a comment or email me. It will be returned.


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