Friday, August 27, 2004

Immortel Preview - Review


We finished watching the movie and although it was cinematically impressive, we were so lost by the end of it, that I have to suggest that you only watch it if you are prepared to be utterly confused and willing to provide me with much information.

*and I am out*

MsP and I had begun watching this awesome movie about the Nikopol story called Immortel and it was one of the few films that MsP was impressed by.

This is a feat in itself, folks.

But then she had to go study so I am holding off watching the rest of the flick until she gets a chance to view it.

It has a full CGI backlot for the characters and it's rare that you can tell the difference between computer generated actors or real ones.

I felt like I was in an interactive movie, it was great.

So go over to (link is in name of movie) and take a look at the premise, if you enjoy the whole Egyptian = Alien species = creators of the earth theme then you might enjoy this movie.

Personally, I just see it as The Fifth Element visits The Matrix and then was cloned and merged with Final Fantasy DNA, but what do I know?

By the way, I want to thank all my fellow bloggers who left me comments yesterday telling me that it will be "alright".

I love you guys!

I am getting back into the spirit of things and should have the Exorcist and F9/11 reviews by tomorrow.

Stay Classy!


Blogger Cabellita said...

This sounds like a cool flick!! :-D
gotta see it!!!

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