Thursday, July 22, 2004

Coyote a.k.a. Loki : You Snarky MoFo

I was thinking about the native stories I used to read growing up, how humans were made (in an oven) and all the swell types of gods that were up on the sky and one always stood out in my mind.

Coyote, or Loki to you white folks.

Coyote was a bad-ass, a trickster if you will. He was a hero to some but to others simply a prankster. From what I've read he has all but stolen the sun to keep our paltry souls warm to swallowing the moon so that the dead could come back. Either feat is way interesting.

I don't know. I just think of Coyote as that guy who kept me warm at night, knowing that his eyes twinkled and his tail twitched in mischievious fun.

Does that make me a furry, you think?

Wil E. Coyote - Mischief Extroadinaire

"The cayote is a living, breathing allegory of Want. He is always hungry. He is always poor, out of luck and friendless. The meanest creatures despise him and even the flea would desert him for a velocipede."
- Roughing It


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