Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Exorcist: The Beginning

I never did get to finish this movie off because my motto is simple.

If ye fall asleep, then it really wasn't that important

But I did like it because of the location and the kid who was eerie as all get out.

There is a great twist at the end but you kind of figure it out because it's the only viable option available which is alright but at least, they could have had you think a bit harder about it.

Overall, it will always just be the movie that shows the background of Father Merrin and proves that yes, he has dealt with this type of thing before and won.

Except when dealing with the demon again, he dies.

Sad, indeed.

I would wait for video for this one because the Exorcist movie is just so much better and it's not really worth paying money for at this point and time.

Still, I have to wonder who really was so interested in Father Merrin's background and initial encounter with the demon, that they had to make a whole friggin' movie about it?

Wasn't talking about it enough in the original?



Blogger DeAnn said...

Falling asleep is never a good sign. I think I'll skip it.

12:54 PM  
Blogger Ari said...

Does it count that I had like 3 glasses of Pinot? and chocolate? and and?

I dont think so... I agree with your sentiment!


8:13 PM  

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