Friday, July 23, 2004

9/11 Commission Report - We Gonna Die

"The 9/11 report also sheds new light on the relationship between al-Qaida and Iraq. The report says that although there were friendly contacts, it did not evolve into what it called a "collaborative relationship." The report also details links between al-Qaida and Iran, but says there is no evidence that Iran was involved or was aware of the 9/11 attacks."

"The report pointed to what it called "deep institutional failings" in the government by missing several opportunities to uncover the plot."

""Unfortunately, what we expect they will get in the end is a whitewash and what most Americans should greet as a farce, an out and out cover up and a shameful, colossal spin-job [deception]," said Kyle Hence, the co-founder of a group called 9/11 Citizens Watch."

Ya think?

What a tragedy this report is and the sadder part is that I cannot find articles that stay on topic without kissing Bush ass or not, since some newspapers are not trying to get into trouble i.e. those nice folks who were arrested for "trespassing" while wearing "Bush Sucks" t-shirts regardless, you all might as well come to terms that we are surely gonna die soon.

"But if there is nothing better, they need to be enacted and enacted speedily, because if something bad happens while these recommendations are sitting there, the American people will quickly fix political responsibility for failure," he said.(Republican commissioner James Thompson)

Kerry claims if he is elected, that he will "leave" (sic) meaning leave to a meeting on the impending dangers if when he is in office, change is not immediate.

Watching Condoleezza Rice right now on GMA, man she is so friggin' stupid and I swear that she was only hired to be "colored person #2" in the Bush administration.


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