Thursday, June 02, 2005

Anime Review - Boys Over Flowers series

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love anime. Usually, I only watch hentai as a rule of thumb, simply because:

1) I love sex
2) I have nothing against aliens, monsters and freaks
3) It's totally perverted
4) and they have explicit adult content, and I am not 7 years old anymore

Or at least, I sure don't look 7 any more...

Either way, this is what I like and I will be damned if I will ever change my thoughts on this matter.

But anyway, I was browsing through Netflix to try and find some moral, unperverted, cutesy anime, because I know there is no way in hell that they will carry hentai stuff, and so I have been choking on the sweetness of various titles for the last 3 weeks.

Marmalade Boy for instance, a cute love triangle story, boring at times, but the main character Miki is very funny, smart and athletic. She didn't bore me so much as her "love", Yuu. He is just blah, no expression, no emotion...I will say it again, blah. And, the artwork is not that great and the story gets tired, and, and, and...


I think you get the jist.

Ok, so onto Boys Over Flowers.

Man, I love this anime! It is cute and sweet and everything I hate, but at the same time, it is drawn beautifully, and the love triangle that occurs in the beginning of the series takes a really odd turn that you don't even expect and that was enough for me to want to see more.

The situations that the main toon, Tsukushi, gets into when trying to blend into her new school life will boggle your mind.

She is kidnapped, almost raped, has garbage thrown at her, is beat up...I mean, DAMN!

But this chick has some spine, I tell ya. She is wonderful to watch and I could give a flying flock about the guys in the movie. To me, they are all a-holes, so I like seeing that yes, she is falling in love all the time and yes, she seems to take things lying down and even yes, she is a bit whiny, but she is a teenager! What else is she supposed to be?

What she also seems like is someone who stands up for people, isn't afraid to take chances and she wears her heart on her sleeve and does what's right, even while having money grubbing parents who only care if she managed to kiss one of the rich boys of the town or not, so they can live "comfortably" for the rest of their lives.

*sheesh!* With family like that, who needs enemies??!!

Ok, so it's way too much to get into and my fingers are tired, but this series is really a treasure. I will be buying the boxed set on ebay as soon as I can get $65.

So, if anyone wants to donate to the Ahtawulfa Anime fund and help turn this immoralistic wolfie into a clean watcher, send me an email and I will give you an address to send me mula...hehe.

Ok, I'm out!



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