Saturday, July 24, 2004

CatWoman - Sheath Your Claws, Please

You know they always said that it's not nice to pull out your claws at the dinner table.

I know that you think it's sexy to lick them...that's not my point.
Can you please stop rubbing against my forearm? *sheesh*

Ok, so back to the subject at hand. Why oh why, did they make this movie? Is it not enough that most of Batman Returns had Michelle Pfeiffer in it as CatWoman?

We got to see her ups and downs (literally). We saw her transform herself after "dying", we were praised with the whole cat swarm (breathing life back into her) scene, and we know she had a rockin' leather outfit.

No mentor was needed and we knew that CatWoman was out of her damn gourd. Case closed.

Pfeiffer did such a great job, that when I found out that she actually put that whole bird in her mouth for real, I squealed in delight. She was all the cat-woman I needed to see after the original series (which coincidentally had one white and one black cat-woman over the time itself, there was one other white cat-woman but she was not on the show very long).

Reading the reviews of this movie, I am fearful to see it, but I love movies. I love seeing the lush color chromatic schemes, the special effects, the stunts, and man! I love looking at "beautiful" people. Call me shallow or a slug, either way I need some damn eye candy.

I will check it out on video to be sure, unless I can get a bootleg somewhere along the way. I am also loving that Sharon Stone is in the movie, just because I really dig her and I think that if anyone is good enough to kick Halle's ass, it would be her.

So, from comics to tv to movies...when will it end?


I personally think no-one can top the delightful and beautiful comic rendition of Selena Kyle, but if I had to choose out of the women below, I would go with Michelle simply because she was truly multi-talented playing the purrr-fect prey and predator roles.

The Women of the Cat


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