Friday, July 23, 2004

Dear Hunger Pang,

Why do you hound me every second of the day? What have I ever done to you? Why must I make sure to bring at least 2 dry goods from my home in order to satisfy your call while I am at work? Why do I feel like you are ripping my inner being asunder? I have since devoured in your honor, low-carb bread with jelly and butter, a bagel with cream cheese (toasted), homemade tuna pasta w/boiled potatoes (god yes!), and much chocolate. Oh, I squeeze my fists at the idea of more food! Can't you see my turmoil?

When I was younger it was alright, I was chock full of energy and running wild in the streets. I needed you then. But now, I sit on my keister and stare at a screen all day... type, type, typing away. Are you, by chance, confused by the energy being used? Mind over matter, perhaps? Too much thought process? Dare I say, do I need brain food? Oh the horrah. To think, that I need to eat to think these days. Stop stalking me. I will petition for a restraining order...oh go away, hunger pang.

Go. Away.

But wait...over there...over yonder...that clam chowder sure does look good.



Blogger Cabellita said...

I always wondered the same..


4:15 PM  

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