Friday, July 23, 2004

For the Love of Food

I was looking back at some YahooTM messages that have been archived over the last year with MsP, and I have to say that we need to learn some new words for how much we love food.

Case in point.

Toasty Goodness

ahtawulfa: yeah i had toast buttered with some PB
MsP: butter and PB? that's good?
ahtawulfa: hell yeah!!!!
ahtawulfa: the butter sinks right into the toast
MsP: mm
ahtawulfa: then you spread PB on the hot bread
ahtawulfa: and its sooo slamming
MsP: yummay
ahtawulfa: yum-may is right
ahtawulfa: hahha
ahtawulfa: see how delicious i made it sound?
MsP: mmm hmm... lol...
MsP: as delicious as... Miiiiiiiiiiiii
MsP: les
ahtawulfa: as mi? or me?
MsP: lol
ahtawulfa: or mie
ahtawulfa: HAHAH
MsP: :-P
ahtawulfa: heh. we are such weirdos

Pork Chop Love coming soon!


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