Thursday, July 29, 2004

Meteorite Found in Antarctica - OoooOOOOooo!

Man, I love science and it's little things like this that bring me joy. It's not really the sex toys but the thought of man continuing to venture out into new realms of the natural universe that makes me tingle.

Call me a geek or a rock lover all you want, I am in need of some serious scientific injection.

"We've gotten something like 13,000 meteorites from Antarctica and this is only the sixth one from Mars," Timothy McCoy, curator of meteorites at the Smithsonian Institution, said by telephone on Wednesday."

Wicked cool! Considering we haven't actually physically (a person) gone to Mars yet, this is really some rare shiet.

"What makes this rock special is its comparatively large size, he said: "It's a 700 gram rock (about 1.5 pounds) but by meteorite standards it's a mountain of material." "

OOooooOOOO, you go big rock!!

"At this point, there is no suggestion that the new meteorite -- discovered Dec. 15, 2003, on an ice field some 466 miles from the South Pole -- bears any evidence of possible microscopic fossilized life."

Awwwwww...darnit! One day...oh, yes. One day.

Read entire article here


Blogger Cabellita said...

LOL @ Call me, I am in need of some serious scientific injection."
that is pretty damn cooool.....
ther rock, not you wanting a scientific

7:31 PM  
Blogger Ari said...

Silly girl.

9:20 PM  

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