Monday, July 26, 2004


Yes, so I had like 2 shots of tequila this evening with MsP. She made a kickin' drink full of triple sec, OJ, lemon juice and a shot of tequila. It was off the hizz-house.

so what, I use slang when I want to!

Yeah, so at the same time, staring at an AIM name that I haven't cared much about in months since I haven't been on...why o why do I care now?

You know why?

Let me tell's because I suck!

I suck the almighty bull balls of the ram...the bull that every matador hates to be stabbed by, his balls. His great big bull balls.

Yeah, so *insert assholish SN here* or whoever you are...and you know who you are, just remember I hate you but I loathe you all at the same time.

I guess that's a good thing right?

Maybe not.

muah muah and all that good shit


Blogger Cabellita said...

can i just say I LOVE TO KILL YA!

having a shot on you !

7:55 PM  

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