Monday, August 16, 2004

Are Children Needed Anymore?

I found this article over at a site that MsP showed me and I have to say that maybe not.

And also I don't feel so bad anymore about the fact that I don't want them because I actually see no reason for them and what benefit could possibly come from having them.

Not to sound selfish but hey fuck it, I don't have any and I don't want any and I am sure this fact will not impact the world in general anyway.

Major point from article:

The biggest societal function that children serve today is to spend money or to have money spent on them. And, since that is nowhere near enough, confusion reigns -- for the kids, and for their parents, educators, therapists, legislators, and, in fact, most adults.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Case in point, my nephew has more toys that he knows what to do with, yet whenever my sister takes him to Toys r' us, it's like dealing with a demon child. The kid cannot understand the concept of "No." and it is all my sister's fault. She buys him all the toys, clothes, food and even coddling that he wants.

She wasn't raised that way and neither was I. I mean our parents struggled and we weren't exactly poor (although before she came along, we were teetering on edge a couple of times there) but we were not middle-class either. So why is she spoiling my nephew this way?

When I go home to visit the family, I treat the kid like he is an adult and I state that I am not impressed with his tantrums and basically that I am not his mother so whatever he tries to pull won't work with me.

You know what? He loves it. The kid is crazy, I am telling you. He proceeds to follow me around the house, yapping away and talking about cool things that I am sure his mother will never be privy to because she is too busy looking at the label of some new shirt that just came out at The Gap.



Blogger BekkaPoo said...

Word to that.. if I were gonna have kids I certainly can't see spoiling them with objects, but with love, attention, wisdom and such, they would have an abundance.

8:13 AM  

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