Tuesday, August 10, 2004


To say that I liked Collateral would be stretching the imagination of what I am capable of providing to you people.

I dug Collateral.

How's that?

You know some movies are just not meant to be anything but pure enjoyment and they just meander along and you will eventually get to where the whole team of producers, directors, screenplay writers and actors are leading you.

Believe me, it happens.

This is one of those movies.

Tom Cruise is a star, I think we all know this, whether he might be gay or not, who cares, the man can act his ass off while not being able to hold a decent conversation with Diane Sawyer on GMA.

He's an actor people, not a nuclear physicist.

'nuff said.

Regardless of all that, Jamie Foxx is a great bouncing board for Cruise's innate sense of black and white thinking. Foxx's character who only views the world as gray and up and down and all around, one focus at a time, it's "my world and you are just the nut" mentality is easily disturbed by even a slight ripple i.e. an assassin who is now co-opting his right as a passenger to take this cab to hell and back if need be.

Yes...I know I rambled on just now, but god knows I haven't provided a decent review in a while.

And just for that comment I will just end right now and say the soundtrack with it's upbeat funk and old jazz memories is a feat within itself.

I mean they even mixed in some hispanics in the mix! Jeez, call the "We are the World" Foundation! I think they want their premise back.

You know what I mean.

Jada is beautiful although not seen that much but when she is, it's worth it.

So hey, I liked it. Can't complain. Not like I paid for it.

If it's not a classic, it's sure to be.



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