Monday, August 09, 2004

Do Not Pay For These Movies, Please...Don't

Unless it is to rent them.

Even then you might have minimized the cost of the effort for even having to torment yourself watching them.

I watched a slew of movies this weekend and I have to say that I was highly disappointed in a few that I wanted to see...very disappointed.

So disappointed that I might give up movies entirely and just watch anime all damn day long if I have to.

who am I kidding? I do that now

But I digress.

Let me start off with another tribute to I, Robot because we all know I love that movie.

'nuff said.

I watched the highly anticipated The Village, and to say that I was not impressed would be sugar coating it. This was a mess of a movie and I got bored half-way through and I had to turn it off. That's how god awful it was.

you are crazy, Ahta


In the words of MsP, "Mr. Rama-lama-ding-dong, can bite me."

The next movie I saw was King Arthur me and MsP got into it for about 5 seconds and then we had to turn it off. MsP exact words were, "Braveheart meets Gangs of New York. I am not impressed."

Gangs of New York by the way is MsP's favorite movie so you get the jist.

The last movie that we attempted to watch was Godsend and since we were starved for a contempory movie at this point, we were praying and hoping that it would satisfy our cinematic hankering.

I mean Robert DeNiro, people. Isn't that enough?

Apparently not.

Anyway, this movie sucked ass too, and sometimes you can say that the kid "stole the movie" or they have some saving grace, but no, the kid royally sucked.

So, just to spread some hopeful light upon this bashing of movies, I give you Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

are you sure that pic is big enough?

No. I don't.

This movie was delightful and chock-ful of cameos including Luke Wilson, Ben Stiller and a great hodge-podge of people.

We were cracking up left and right and couldn't even believe some of the things we were seeing.

There is a scene with Ron and Christina Applegate's character, Veronica Corningstone, doing the nasty and during the "love scene", they are floating on unicorns and there is a rainbow and Ron is like, "Look, it's the most glorious rainbow ever." and she is like, "Do me on it!"

Yeah. Comedy all the way, baby.

Or you just had to be there. Not sure which.

Anyway, in the words of Ron Jeremy...ooops Burgundy,

"You stay classy, San Diego!"

Or wherever you may be.


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