Saturday, July 31, 2004

College. Your Financial Ruin

Well, I can't believe I didn't post anything yesterday, that is definitely a first. I have just started up school again due to the fact that they laid a hefty bill on me last month and had to take off a month, so now I am back just to be told that I have to pay out of pocket yet again next month.

What is financial aid good for if you still have to pay all the time?

Turns out I don't have enough credits to boost me up to Lvl 3, like I'm a video game character or cheat codes for that one.

So, pray that I can pull 9 credits from my butt from two other schools I went to so that I can get more F.A., 'cause it would really suck to have to drop out of school yet again but this time due to financial worries.

Life can be a real stickler at times...*sigh


Blogger BekkaPoo said...

Ari, it's worth it in the long run.. You know I love you and you better finish up so you can crack your ruler at these little knucklehead punks that are coming up.

hehe... Love, Bekka

10:11 PM  
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