Thursday, July 29, 2004

Television Without Pity

I just want to mention this site today (even though it's in my well-traveled links) because the writers make me piss my pants dying with laughter at least once a day. I usually go there for shows like Smallville, Real World, Angel (before it finished), The Apprentice (can't wait till it starts up again) and even sometimes shows that I never watched (i.e. Kingdom Hospital, American Idol, etc.) but just had to read their commentaries on them.

Today, reading the recap on the new HBO show, Entourage I have to thank them for making me laugh the hardest in a long time.

I actually watched this show when it premiered and although found it slightly entertaining, I think this re-cap was much more thought out and amusing.

The recapper Jacob should be shrinked and then mailed to me via Fed-Ex priority overnight so that I can carry him in my pocket all day, simply because I would love to have a small snarky comedic TV re-capper available to me at every minute.

That would be the life people.

Really, it would be great.

Check out the site if you haven't heard of them already, it's better than Tivo, I guarantee it.


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