Monday, August 02, 2004

Never Argue With An Aries or Touch Her Peaches


A drink that I am dying to make, if I could remember what the hell to put in it.

I found a quick recipe for it online, printed it out and laid it on the kitchen table.

Saturday night, I am like "Oh yes, we have to make them soon! Pears and Champagne! Sooooo GOooooOOoooood!"

i think we clarified earlier that I was drunk, right?

So, MsP is like, "isn't it peaches?"

I am like "NoooooOOOoo, you silly nilly! It's pears!!! There you go again forgetting things. Tsk, tsk on you!" and then I poked her on the nose lovingly.

MsP: No, Ahta, it's peaches. I read it on that recipe you left.
Me: Nooooo, you silly girl! Stop that...right now! It's pears!
MsP: Dude, its peaches.
Me: It's peaches!
MsP: See!@
Me: I am sooo playing with you! I'm so not
MsP: Whatever.
Me: When we get home, I am so showing you. Oh, and I WUUUUUUUV you!
MsP: uh-huh.

So. We get home and we forget about it.

Sunday rolls around and I am thinking about it and I go online to look up how to do a Bellini since I can't find that paper for the life of me and guess what?

Peaches, people.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


yall startin to sound married. LOL

10:29 AM  

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