Friday, August 06, 2004

CatWoman Review

Ok, so I gave my preview of CatWoman earlier and now I can finally comment on it.

Piss drunk it was great. I am sure sober, it's a totally different story.

As a girl, I could care less about the sincerity of this movie. All I know is that I love the cgi effects, the clothes, the hair and the way Halle played a mish-mosh (but still very cute) down-trodden waif who then is transformed into this vicious hellion.

Oh and that she is not impressed by you or yours and she will kick your ass just to prove this.

you go, girl

For me the best part was Sharon Stone of course, she is obviously ageless and made a pact with some vampire many years ago and she looks absolutely beautiful.

The fight scenes though were kind of a farce and I have to agree with Joel Siegel's review where he states, "that you never get the feeling that they were ever in the same room at any time".

Joel, you never fail to amaze me with your perception. That is why I am your movie slave.

The movie didn't impress me on premise since none of the plot has ever been done and it was downright silly. Make-up that can make you hard as marble if you keep using it but will make you down-right gross, if you don't?


Anyway, it's a great B- movie and it's got a lot of action and Benjamin Bratt is a fine piece of ass so that makes it worth renting as well.

But please do not, DO NOT go to the theatre for this flick. Save your money for some wine and some cigs and the rental fee and watch it at home.

Ahta says so. purrrrrrrrrr


Blogger Cabellita said...

well I will get it on bootleg then .. lol :^)

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