Monday, December 13, 2004

Blade ~Trinity~ - review-

Well, as far as trilogies go, this was way better than the Matrix one.

Yeah, yeah, I's all ONE's not really a trilogy.


I love the Matrix series but goddammit, I felt like I was slowly roasted and then burnt watching each new movie come out.

And yet it still lingers in my heart.

But enough of that, Blade Trinity finds Whistler dead and his ill-begotten daughter coming to the rescue of Blade who finds himself landed in jail after killing a familiar that he thought was a vampire.

Ashes supposedly were easier to deal with and left no evidence so his enemies set him up and he ends up "murdering" a real person and gets his ass caught in a sling.

The only thing that I couldn't believe was how easily he let himself get caught and then to act like he felt so horrible...kind that he doesn't even try to escape once he realizes foul play. And NOT ONLY THAT, he actually allows them to inject him with some tranquilizer.


We all know Blade could have broken those cuffs and been on the next flight to Cabo for all his strength and speed.

But whatever, it's fantasy right?

And Ryan Reynolds is so hot, who cares!?

It definitely surpassed its sequel, which by all accounts, kind of sucked.

The Biel chick was kind of kicking butt, too. It was alot of fun, I wasn't bored and it probably is definitely a theatre movie.

Go have some fun and check it out.


Blogger Cy said...

Mmmmm ... that Biel chick ...

8:31 AM  
Blogger Ari said...

LOL, Cy!

:for the ladies:

Mmmmm...Ryan on a piece of toast...with Jam...mmmmm

10:39 AM  
Blogger Cabellita said...

I am lookin forward to watching this on friday :)
Ryan and Biels are HOT, HOT, HOT ....
* write that down*

7:23 PM  

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