Friday, January 06, 2006

Learning how to Blog again (oh, and photoshop, too!)

Finally, a post after months of laziness.

Bleh, bleh.

It can't be helped, I guess. I just become a sloth for the most benign reasons and then when it hits me, I get to back to blurbing away.

My main upset right now is that all of my images on the site might be down at some point because the server I was being hosted on is gone for various reasons, and so now like every other schmo on the planet I will have to use Photobucket or something oh so, unflattering to the pic hosting physique. Also, I had to go ahead and use a generic template for now for the blogsite.

Being ordinary is always boring, but I really like those green-into-yellow-dots along the border up top...very calming.

I hope everyone's holidays went well, mine were cool, I have been editing for a scanlation group instead of feeding off their hard work like the leech I am, I have starting to contribute back by doing all of the grunt work of fixing scans in Photoshop and then adding back the translated text layout so that dumb Americans like myself who can't possibly take the time to maybe learn a language, say like Japanese (not that it's hard or anything) can read some beautiful boy love.

It's fun, but it's hard work, I mean the only thing I am not doing is the actual translation and the drawing is already done, but then you have to clean up this crappy page, re-size it, make sure it's straight, take out all of the japanese text, then put it back in english, using good fonts and creating sfx *special effects* to make it interesting to your audience.

Then, I have to hand it in for review, and then wait on the lashing of my "boss" on what I may have to redo.

Mind you, this is all volunteer work.

But, it's theraputic and I can get my daily fix of beautiful bishies while having a hand at providing something back to the yaoi community.

I feel...proud.

Re-learning photoshop sucks though, I thought I knew that fucking piece of software and BOY, WAS I WRONG!

Nine years of art school down the drain, due to one simple program.

Ah, the joys of learning.


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