Tuesday, July 27, 2004

More Food For Thought

Continuing IM's showing lack of thought and the love of food.

Pork Chop Love

ahtawulfa: you put the horseradish on the pork itself?
MsP: no i mixed it into the apple sauce
MsP: then i used it as a dressing for the pork chop
ahtawulfa: aaaaaah ok i was gonna say it might have been a good marinade also
ahtawulfa: soaked into the chop
MsP: yeah you could do that too before bbqing
ahtawulfa: hell yeah man!
MsP: or before putting it on the foreman grill
MsP: mmmmmmmmmmm
ahtawulfa: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
MsP: mmmmmmmmmmmmmarinate it overnight
MsP: lol
ahtawulfa: : )
ahtawulfa: mmmmmmmmmmmarinate for reaaaaalz
MsP: yumm
MsP: okay so horseradish and what else??
ahtawulfa: did you have any salad?
ahtawulfa: mustard is good too
ahtawulfa: with some honey
ahtawulfa: honey, mustard and horseradish
ahtawulfa: now THAT sounds good
MsP: mm that would be interesting
MsP: yeah man
ahtawulfa: make a good marinade for sure
MsP: nah i didn't have salad
ahtawulfa: i also have one of those brushes up in that drawer
ahtawulfa: for brushing marinade on
MsP: but i will when i eat the other half of the pork chop
MsP: ooh nice
MsP: we'll be using all the kitchen tools
MsP: trust that
ahtawulfa: hell yeah you know me i gotta use at least one utensil per day
MsP: haha
ahtawulfa: oh fuck that at least FIVE utensils
MsP: for real.. otherwise why bother having them
ahtawulfa: exactly



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