Monday, September 13, 2004

Paparazzi Review

The movie Paparazzi for all it's premise of a "decent" celebrity who was harassed and his family almost killed thus spurring him to seek revenge against his tormenters, didn't impress me too much.

Cole Hauser is so creepy looking that you can't really take him seriously because he just resembles the killer that he becomes from the get-go. I did enjoy his voice and somewhat of his acting, but this movie totally came off like a made-for-tv movie or something that goes straight to cable.

You would think with one of the producers being Mel Gibson (who does make a cameo appearance) and a slew of other stars like Tom Sizemore and B-list actors like Daniel Baldwin, that perhaps these characters would be able to spice up the film a bit. But they all just come off as sleaze bags and I swear I felt nausea rise more than once.

Either way I give it a no-go for a film outing and would just wait for it to come out on DVD simply because it wasn't that great starting out and it wasn't that great when it ended, except for maybe the credits.


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