Monday, September 13, 2004

Saved! Review

The movie Saved! is right up my alley.

MsP and I watched it yesterday while imbibing chardonnay and we chortled the whole way through.

When a young christian girl (Jena Malone) has sex with her newly found gay boyfriend to "save him", she winds up pregnant and becomes ostracized by the very people she thought were her friends.

With characters in an all christian school ranging from the only jew and a wheel-bound outcast (played wonderfully by Macaulay Culkin) whose sister is the biggest Jesus freak in the school (Mandy Moore), you just have to rejoice in the fact that you do not live in this town of fanatics.

I think the funniest part to me was all the hypocritical goings-on that is typically associated with any type of religious extremists. Single parents lusting after the local pastor who refuses to divorce his wife because it's not "written in the bible", but meanwhile secretly has make-out sessions with the pregnant girl's mom.

Mind you, his son is interested in the girl. It's kinda of creepy but normal all at the same time.

I thought this movie was well-made, contemporary and hilarious and I think anyone hasn't heard of it should go and rent it because it's a sleeper hit with a bite in the ass.


Blogger DeAnn said...

I'm VERY eager to see this movie. I can't wait until it's on video/DVD.

9:51 PM  

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