Friday, January 20, 2006

Basic Instinct...2? -preview-

Basic Instinct 2...

This is what Sharon Stone thought would be a good choice after Catwoman.

And while, I gave that movie a semi-decent review, let's face it.

It kind of sucked.

In fact, it sucked so bad, it could have curdled milk.

Anyway, I am sure Sharon was forced to make this movie based on some hokey contract that seems to be in effect after almost 14 years of the first one dusting video shelves across this great nation. But, all I have to say is who is the man (or woman) that I have to have sex with, for ripping up Mike Douglas' contract?

Because man, while Stone looks like a million bucks, I could do without seeing old jowel face humping her in the sack.

I think I'm going to be sick even thinking about it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

werd~ Michael Douglas is a bit wrinkly ...ewe

12:31 PM  

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