Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Live-Action "Aeon Flux" in the Making

I just found out that they are taking the MTV animated series, "Aeon Flux" and turning it into a live-action movie.

I was thrilled of course to hear this, but then, just then, I found out who will be playing the main character.

Charlize Theron.

my god, could you possibly put anyone worse? She is soooo happy, for god's sake!

I am all for Theron being one of the greatest new actresses that has come along in the last 10 years and god knows! that I only have respect for a woman that can look curvy and voluptuous and healthy, but Aeon Flux is NOT curvy in any sense of the word.

Theron will have to lose at least 30lbs to be anywhere near what this toon is not packing.

- sigh -

But enough about looks already, I just can't see Theron being the vindictive, snarky assassin in any way shape or form. She is just too chipper. I swear she was vibrating sunlight even when she was playing Aileen in "Monster".


My pick?

Lara Flynn Boyle, because god knows this is the role that could finally break the whole eating disorder frenzy that surrounds her on a daily basis.

"See? There are characters I can play. Sure it's a cartoon image that is totally non-based on reality, but dammit I knew that one day I'd get my chance to flaunt my "type" of physique! Neener, neener!"

Ja, right.

*edit: I just want to add by the way that Aeon is one butt-kicking gal, and it is only natural to want to put someone who is actually healthy in this role, simply because she flips, jumps, spins, shoots, kills and murders with agility and grace. Oh and she gets hit alot. I can't see Lara doing any of that without breaking.

So Charlize, do her proud but please don't end up anorexic cause of this role.

Leave that to the professionals.


Blogger Cabellita said...

it will be weird seeing Charlize Theron play Aeon Flux...

I am with you, Lara Flynn Boyle is Perfect.... I remember her in MIB2 and she looked cool...

*sigh* oh well

8:29 AM  
Blogger BekkaPoo said...

Co sign on Lara Flynn Boyle, she'd be great cuz she's mean and crazy. Or that chick from Underworld would be a good choice even though she's not as tall as Aeon Flux seems to be..

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Steven said...

Lara Flynn was who I thought of as well. So, if 4 of us thought it, who was the casting fucker that said "Charlize is IT!!!"?

2:41 PM  
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