Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Silent Hill 4 : The Room -game review-

I haven't done a game review but for a minute, so how about one?

I knew you would be happy about that.

While not a perfect game, Silent Hill 4 is quite enjoyable and it has such good scary pinpoints that you can't help but become quickly addicted. I really was happy that they kept the same feeling from the past games in this one.

I mean as I am writing this, I am thinking about playing it.

You start out waking up from a "dream" and you see the first-person perspective that will eventually scare the beejesus out of you since you can't see behind you right away. This makes for great gameplay because it obviously is catering to the idea that it is you playing it, even though there is a character that will be developed.

I haven't gotten that far but the 1st-perspective view does quickly change to a 3rd person view when you go into the outside world, i.e. the nightmare world, so the controls are a little harder to handle, but I would say that given the cool graphics and eerie feeling that you will start off slow just viewing your surroundings and it takes about 15 mins or so to adjust.

I never played Silent Hill on a PC before so this version was rather fun to learn how to play (with a keyboard and all) and I am finding it more enjoyable than the console versions.

A brief synopsis of the game:

"Silent Hill is a town where pure evil permeates the air and the soil and eventually consumes the people. It's a soothing vacation spot that masks demon-worshipping cults and dark purpose. Each of the previous titles in the Silent Hill series of horror games has either outright taken place in the titular small town or has gradually been pulled there through some terrible inertia. Silent Hill 4: The Room breaks this trend, because it takes place in the neighboring city of South Ashfield and centers mainly on an ill-fated apartment building, a cursed apartment, and the man who lives in it. That's not the only series tenet the game breaks. Silent Hill 4 pairs third-person and new first-person gameplay with an emphasis on combat and item management. The resultant hybrid has some flaws, but The Room retains the dark, disturbing soul that is the unsettling center of the Silent Hill experience.

I wanted to mention lastly that the main character, Henry, is just too cute, for a drawn caricature, that is.

I need to get out more, I think.


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