Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Team America: World Police -review-

Team America: World Police I am pretty sure could have been one of my favorite movies. I mean I loved South Park, The Movie, but obviously these two films only have one thing in common, the creators.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone must have been rushing on this film because I found myself at times between laughter & idly twiddling my cigaretteless fingers and wondering how this went so wrong.

I adored the puppets but I found them so creepy and personable that I actually would avert my eyes so that I wouldn't make any eye contact...with the screen...yeah...that.

The puppets should have been used in the Thunderbirds remake, and they could have actually used real people for this movie, sort of like the Spy Hard movies. I think it would have been really funny.

I laughed alot but on the whole I was bored.

Lots of spoofs regarding politics and Osama (not Omarosa, even though that would have been hilarious) and America being the "police" of the world, hence the title, and puppet sex...oh, the puppet sex.

That was very interesting to watch, the splendor of spindly limbs and no sexual organs can be down right disturbing, I must say.

As soon as "it" was over, I rolled over and went to bed.

I have to ask someone, anyone is it really possible that the last good review that I gave without fault was a zombie movie?

I officially now know that movies can only get better, because after this week's movie watching, it possibly cannot get any worse.

Or can it?

for those not wanting to click the link above, I am talking about Birth with Nicole Kidman...lord, that movie looks relatively dumb and uninsightful to say the least, but what do I know.


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