Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Smith *review*

"Why do I get the girl gun?" she asks.

Yeah, Brad, just because she has knockers you automatically give her the small pea-shooter? She just kicked your ass all over the house.

I think chivalry is dead.

tsk tsk

I really liked this movie, and it isn't because I think that Angelina is so hot, that I swear at one point in the movie I might have orgasmed...or something....don't tell anyone, ok?

But because, I enjoyed the whole premise even though it has been done slightly along these lines before, I have not actually ever seen a full-length fun for-all like this movie.

I never got bored so that is saying alot.

I personally think that Angie is too hot for Brad, and SERIOUSLY, you need to really think about the question at hand, because I am saying that


That is totally insane...right?!

RIGHT!??? *sigh*

So anyway, I will have more when I am not so DRUNK OFF MY ARSE, but have to say, that although that I think that these two are a match made in heaven or hell, this may be a cult classic to rival the War of the Roses, but in it's own right, a really good movie to watch if you can get over all the fucking BS that is surrounding it right now.

See it, ladies, I mean just her little harem of spy women (which was not publicized in any trailers) is enough for me.

Well, and that fact that Pitt has matured alot so he isn't so cutesy anymore, but that kind of actually adds to his attraction.

Also, who can deny the desire to see these two foine people getting it on?

Just be aware that they cut out all the good stuff, so you really don't get much on that end.