Saturday, July 31, 2004

College. Your Financial Ruin

Well, I can't believe I didn't post anything yesterday, that is definitely a first. I have just started up school again due to the fact that they laid a hefty bill on me last month and had to take off a month, so now I am back just to be told that I have to pay out of pocket yet again next month.

What is financial aid good for if you still have to pay all the time?

Turns out I don't have enough credits to boost me up to Lvl 3, like I'm a video game character or cheat codes for that one.

So, pray that I can pull 9 credits from my butt from two other schools I went to so that I can get more F.A., 'cause it would really suck to have to drop out of school yet again but this time due to financial worries.

Life can be a real stickler at times...*sigh

Thursday, July 29, 2004


You know for the most part, late 80's movies really kinda sucked but then there were a couple here and there that although you know won't hold up all these years later, you can always still enjoy watching them over and over.

One of those movies for me is Robocop.

Peter Weller as the horribly mutilated murdered cop turned steel avenger is something I covet even until this day.

He was the closest thing I was going to get to Judge Dredd aand that was ok, the theme was the same. Judge, jury and executioner. And it was way better than the god-awful movie they eventually put out anyway.

Now...if you promise not to tell anyone, I will tell you a secret.

I even played the videogame. Remember when Nintendo (NES) was the only "cool" console available? Well, they had a Robocop game, it was a side scroller and I played it. Sure it sucked but sometimes that's not the point.

Killing criminals is.

you promised not to tell, remember?

Maybe it was the gore of the movie, or the soundtrack or the fact that I love the saying, "Dead or alive, you're coming with me" always stated in a monotone voice, that for me was true justice.

Or maybe it was just one of the few movies that me and my Dad got to go see together and we would laugh at the irony and chaos that ensued from the screen. We both have the same sick sense of humour.

Robocop is a titanium cowboy with love for his family and hate for the scum of the earth, not much more can be said than that.

thank you for your cooperation, good night.

Television Without Pity

I just want to mention this site today (even though it's in my well-traveled links) because the writers make me piss my pants dying with laughter at least once a day. I usually go there for shows like Smallville, Real World, Angel (before it finished), The Apprentice (can't wait till it starts up again) and even sometimes shows that I never watched (i.e. Kingdom Hospital, American Idol, etc.) but just had to read their commentaries on them.

Today, reading the recap on the new HBO show, Entourage I have to thank them for making me laugh the hardest in a long time.

I actually watched this show when it premiered and although found it slightly entertaining, I think this re-cap was much more thought out and amusing.

The recapper Jacob should be shrinked and then mailed to me via Fed-Ex priority overnight so that I can carry him in my pocket all day, simply because I would love to have a small snarky comedic TV re-capper available to me at every minute.

That would be the life people.

Really, it would be great.

Check out the site if you haven't heard of them already, it's better than Tivo, I guarantee it.

Meteorite Found in Antarctica - OoooOOOOooo!

Man, I love science and it's little things like this that bring me joy. It's not really the sex toys but the thought of man continuing to venture out into new realms of the natural universe that makes me tingle.

Call me a geek or a rock lover all you want, I am in need of some serious scientific injection.

"We've gotten something like 13,000 meteorites from Antarctica and this is only the sixth one from Mars," Timothy McCoy, curator of meteorites at the Smithsonian Institution, said by telephone on Wednesday."

Wicked cool! Considering we haven't actually physically (a person) gone to Mars yet, this is really some rare shiet.

"What makes this rock special is its comparatively large size, he said: "It's a 700 gram rock (about 1.5 pounds) but by meteorite standards it's a mountain of material." "

OOooooOOOO, you go big rock!!

"At this point, there is no suggestion that the new meteorite -- discovered Dec. 15, 2003, on an ice field some 466 miles from the South Pole -- bears any evidence of possible microscopic fossilized life."

Awwwwww...darnit! One day...oh, yes. One day.

Read entire article here

Sale of Sex Toys Banned in Alabama

Ok, this is just not right, people.

Supposedly, the "Constitution doesn't include a right to sexual privacy."

What the fock kind of shit is that? Isn't the sexual act a private thing between yourself and/or another person (and even sometimes 2 or 3 others)?

How is it not part of the human right to privacy which we all know is part of the constitution? Whether written in stone or not.

"Sherri Williams, an adult novelty retailer who filed the lawsuit with seven other women and two men, called the decision "depressing."

You got that right, sister. Shiet, sex toys are supposed to be able to knock you out of depression!

This is a sad day in America's well known history of anal (no pun intended) retentive behaviour towards sexuality. I just hope that other states don't follow their lead simply because I don't have money for that cute little butterfly contraption I have been wanting for a couple of years and when I finally have it, I would like to be able to purchase the damn thing.

The state law bans only the sale of sex toys, not their possession

Thank god! Well, Mama always said to treat my toys right so that they last a long time, and it seems like she was right.

Read more of this fiasco here

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Man, does this movie look like it's gonna suck or what?

Directed by Jonathan Frakes a.k.a. "Number One" from Star Trek: The Next Generation, it's a disaster in the making I'm sure. Just look at Clockstoppers, did you think that was any good?

I mean I loved looking at the extra-cute Johnny Lee Miller clone, Jesse Bradford, but that movie just wasn't paying-for-a-$10-ticket-worthy.

Although, Fred Mustard Stewart...oops! French Stewart was pretty darn funny as a pale scientist.

I used to love the original TV series when they re-ran it for a couple of years when I was younger, but looking back at it now, even that wasn't anything to run home and tell momma about.

With a mediocre, dull director and a bunch of tired special effects, I am pretty sure this is one movie I am gonna sit out.


"The plot for the new 'Thunderbirds' is basically a larger-scale replica of 'Spy Kids,' again removing the experienced secret agent adults from the picture for most of the film so the kids alone can rise to the challenge and learn some valuable lessons, as well as use neato gadgets to save the world. It's tiring to see such larceny, especially when the series itself focused on multi-generational teamwork and family to build adventure. "

~an critic

Drunk-Dialing : It's not just for kids anymore

Cab and I were online last night just laughing it up while watching Malibu's Most Wanted on opposite polar planes of the country, when I realized that I was stinkin' drunk.

Mind you, we both had been popping back shots of tequila via webcam (and incognito, as well) for about an hour and a half. On top of that, I was also drinking some rather fine Pinot finally and was yukking it up with MsP as she smoked her bidis on the porch.

So, a good time was had by all (including John who is another buddy of mine), until I had to log off because my Yahoo was acting up and I got fed up.

In turn, I proceeded to call my latent of late booty-call, found out his back got hurt and I didn't even feign concern. I think I was even snickering a bit. Hung up with him and came to the decision, that I probably won't be hearing much from him.

Oh, well. So...

I then had the bright idea to dial up my co-worker and good friend, up in Colorado where he is on vacation and what ensued from the conversation would make any grown woman curl up in a ball after remembering it.

Me: SooooOOOooooooo...what are you doing? (slurring)
Him: I'm hanging with a few of my friends. How are you?
Me: I'm drunk, so I might as well let you know that (right now)
Him: Aaaah, I see.
Me: SooooooOOOOOooooo, did you get your haircut? (batting eyelashes)
Him: Yes.
Me: CooooOOooool. So, any chicks flocking to you now? (slurring AND giggling)
Him: Yep, there are a couple of bar-hoes right on my arm as we speak.
Me: Nice! You go, boy! So you know what's funny, oh co-worker of mine? ( voice is getting high now)
Him: What?
Me: I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissss you! *hiccup
Him: ....
Me: No, I really miss you! (inject sincerity here)
Him: Ohk...I miss you, too. (i hear vague laughter in his voice)
Me: I think you are like, of the awesomest people I know!
Him: Well, I think you are pretty awesome, too.
Me: Pffft...! I love that I can get you! (huh?)
Him: What do you mean, get me? (insert confusion here)
Me: You know, like I get you! (slurring again)
Me: Like we are so the same age group...and...all that good stuff.
Him: Oh.
Me: So like man, these two reps at work (who shall remain anon) were really just getting on my last ner-...
Him: Uh, well, look kiddo I gotta go. I will talk to you soon, ok?
Me: (hiccup and a pause) Ohk...well then byyyyyyyyyeeeee

Then, I hung up the phone gently and ran into MsP's room and stated "Well, at least he answered the phone, right?"

She just looked at my red heated face and crazed eyes, and said, "You are out of your mind."

Ok, well she didn't actually say that, but I could tell that that was what she meant when she said, "Uh huh."

She is just so verbose sometimes. I went and played some REO after talking with the chatter monkey.

So, yeah I think he spotted some girl across the room and lost total interest in our conversation, or it could be that I wasn't making any type of sense and he wasn't going to pursue this course of yapping with me any further. OR, he didn't want to talk about work, which I could completely understand since he is on vacation for crying out loud.

So, I either thoroughly embarassed myself, or he isn't really caring (my choice!) and when he returns Monday it will be all good.

crush much, Ahta?


clearly you should never be drunk with a phone around


At least, I remember my conversations, not many people can say that.

yeah make yourself feel better, why dontchya?


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Alien vs. Predator

I have read the comic and then I played the game, and now there is a movie.

I have seen so many non-previews that now all I can say is...


I have seen Predator and I have seen Alien 1-4

give me the goods man, give




fuck all the technicalities..give me the goods.


I want to add in the Incredibles, because this movie will be totally off the chain and I LOVE LOVE LOVE..did I say LOVE the preview.

"You so Sexy"

Twista featuring R. Kelly...can we say, puhleeze?

I can only give them props for understanding women do different jobs and can still look good but jeez man, give me a break, ok?

Keep your pee to yourself.

Starship Troopers...yeah!

That's all I have to say, the title should be enough.

Ahta, Get Over Yourself


Yeah, so I figured that everything I liked, MsP would like and that's not the case. I happened to notice this whenever I try to show her something creative I write, but the subject turns out unfortunately, not to be of any interest to her what-so-ever.

This really makes me sad, simply for the fact that she can get a bit "not so nice" about the subject and it makes me feel like perhaps she is mocking my interest in it, as well.

well, why don't you talk to her about it?

Well, I would but it wouldn't really matter. I am not trying to change her views or her thoughts on a particular subject. I just want her to read my stuff and get a chuckle whether the matter suits her or not.

I don't think that's too much to ask for

Me neither.

Either way, I know if she wanted me to look at something of hers (or when she has even when I haven't wanted to in the least) I will make the time and effort because I care about her and her interests.

get over yourself, you martyr

pffft, on you...

Anyway, I guess noone really likes what they find interesting scoffed at, but then again, I find amusement in so many people's weird proclivities that it's hard not to see why my stuff should be any different.

refer to title, ahta

yeah, yeah, I get it.


When inquiring of a fellow today what kind of character he was making for me in his new "novel", the response I got wasn't what I expected but who am I to tell him any different?

Me: and what bathing scene???
Him: In your quarters, shipside, you have a bathing pool. I introduce you by you rising slowly out of the water dripping and wet. I describe the beauty of your femininty. But contrast it as you put on your gear and prepare to kill someone. It's like a slow transformation. Like you're a hardass but your a sexy feminine hardass, under all those weapons.
Me: Ohk...

Yeah, so these are the types of things I have to deal with, and while it's not wholly a bad thing so much as it's just downright surreal, I should be glad anyone is thinking of me in this fashion at all.

I usually just get:

Peanut Gallery: You're mean and too blunt. It throws people off, it's possibly why people don't like you sometimes, oh and the fact that you don't make any effort to communicate with them.
Me: grunt *snort

Yeah, I should thank my lucky stars. I mean, at least I get to kill someone in the stories, right?

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

What's better than sex? I will tell you. Angelina Jolie in a damn pirate eye-patch.

This movie, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow looks like just another big-budget movie with big-buttocked special effects. But...

I like that.

I just watched the trailer and I have to say that Gwyneth has never looked more lovely and Jude is as suave and delicious as ever, but Jolie is the icing on my frosted nipply cupcake.

She looks downright militant in her British uniform that is a throwback to the 40's trend with a bit of modern woman sewn right into her lapel.

The movie, I am pretty sure, marks an era for actors with children, making only movies that they can be sure that their kids one day will stop, watch and say "Whoa! Mom/Dad, you were rad!" if, of course, that slang term even still exists by that time.

But, regardless, you should really check out the trailer at Apple Trailers you're sure to love the appeal of the dark setting and the uber aerial acrobatics of the robot-humanoid-ships.

It's a nice take on robots taking over the world with a bit of the Phantom thrown in for effect (the whole 30-40's thing - while even though this movie sucked, Zane was yum-may!)

So check it out, it opens September 17th.


Blog Spot! You are being bad!

My friend Cab is having many problems with your site today, but fortunately I was able to log onto her blog and give her some hope.

It's not nice to treat new bloggers like this, Blog Spot!

You should really know better.

*tsk! tsk!

Read, Bitch!

I have moved all of my reviews from my site to this blog so take a gander if you want. I will sporadically do reviews here at this blog and then archive them over time so that it will be easier to find them in the blur of posts that I am sure to continue.


More Food For Thought

Continuing IM's showing lack of thought and the love of food.

Pork Chop Love

ahtawulfa: you put the horseradish on the pork itself?
MsP: no i mixed it into the apple sauce
MsP: then i used it as a dressing for the pork chop
ahtawulfa: aaaaaah ok i was gonna say it might have been a good marinade also
ahtawulfa: soaked into the chop
MsP: yeah you could do that too before bbqing
ahtawulfa: hell yeah man!
MsP: or before putting it on the foreman grill
MsP: mmmmmmmmmmm
ahtawulfa: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
MsP: mmmmmmmmmmmmmarinate it overnight
MsP: lol
ahtawulfa: : )
ahtawulfa: mmmmmmmmmmmarinate for reaaaaalz
MsP: yumm
MsP: okay so horseradish and what else??
ahtawulfa: did you have any salad?
ahtawulfa: mustard is good too
ahtawulfa: with some honey
ahtawulfa: honey, mustard and horseradish
ahtawulfa: now THAT sounds good
MsP: mm that would be interesting
MsP: yeah man
ahtawulfa: make a good marinade for sure
MsP: nah i didn't have salad
ahtawulfa: i also have one of those brushes up in that drawer
ahtawulfa: for brushing marinade on
MsP: but i will when i eat the other half of the pork chop
MsP: ooh nice
MsP: we'll be using all the kitchen tools
MsP: trust that
ahtawulfa: hell yeah you know me i gotta use at least one utensil per day
MsP: haha
ahtawulfa: oh fuck that at least FIVE utensils
MsP: for real.. otherwise why bother having them
ahtawulfa: exactly


Monday, July 26, 2004


Yes, so I had like 2 shots of tequila this evening with MsP. She made a kickin' drink full of triple sec, OJ, lemon juice and a shot of tequila. It was off the hizz-house.

so what, I use slang when I want to!

Yeah, so at the same time, staring at an AIM name that I haven't cared much about in months since I haven't been on...why o why do I care now?

You know why?

Let me tell's because I suck!

I suck the almighty bull balls of the ram...the bull that every matador hates to be stabbed by, his balls. His great big bull balls.

Yeah, so *insert assholish SN here* or whoever you are...and you know who you are, just remember I hate you but I loathe you all at the same time.

I guess that's a good thing right?

Maybe not.

muah muah and all that good shit

Comix, how I love thee

...let me count the ways.

Ever since my dad threw away my comic collection away (or gave it away-same shit) my life hasn't been the same. Sure I could forgive him pawning my PS1 off to my "cousin" when I left home, or giving my Pikachu sheddup! assorted stuffed lovelies to my other "cousin", but man, when he gave my comics away to some damn charity simply because he didn't know when I "was going to come pick up this trunk full of paper" I lost a bit of my mind and I might add...a bit of my soooo-ul, as well.

*sniffle yes, cry with me folks, because it was a sad day, indeed.

I was so pissed that I vowed never to talk to him again.

Then, the next day I asked to borrow $20 for money at school, so you can see how that went.

Anyway, my point is, I have decided to collect comics again. I don't care if they are mint, or very good, or even down-right ragged. I just want to see pictures and correlating text and feel like a kid again.

Is that too much to ask for?????

I didn't think so.

So I log onto Ebay saturday morning and I have been perusing auctions ever since and I have already won 4 huge kickin' lots of comics ranging from the X-men to the New Teen Titans. Some collections are just varying and when they start flooding my job, all I am going to be dreaming about is throwing all the books onto my bed and swimming around in them like a fish in water.

It's going to be fun.

I think my head might explode at the excitement.

*update : just won my LAST auction for over 200+ comics all from DC for $10.50 plus $12 S/H, you CANNOT BEAT THAT PEOPLE...YOU JUST can't...anyway, that's all I had to add.

Oh and that I will be broke, but at least the bills will be paid and I will be happily smothered in comic ink and shiny covers.

Resident Evil Zero

I have played this game so many times that it's hard to imagine that I have yet to finish it.

Thank god for the Gamecube Action Replay device. It is truly a heavenly gift.

I normally only "cheat" in PC games if I am stuck in a rut, but these damn Gamecube versions of my lovely R.E. series are just hard as a statue's nut.

I finally made it with body and grapple hook intact and I am slowly making my way through the 2nd disk. yay me!

I have beat most games unfettered with the need to progress via outside sources but in this case, the graphics and story are just so great that I don't even really care about the gameplay.

Having infinite health isn't really all that it?


Sunday, July 25, 2004

Mary Beth

I was perusing one of MsP's sites this morning yes, it's 5 a.m. and I saw a gorgeous pic of my daughter. The only daughter I will ever have since I am not so selfish as to over-populate this overgrown planet more than it already I give you, Mary Beth don't laugh at her name, dammit!

She is 8 years old and I rescued her a couple a years back from a woman who was struggling to keep at least 10 mutts surviving in her small home. I saw Mary's butt on the internet, stretched out on some steps like a prima-donna and I knew that she had to be mine.

She is Doyle from the 25th hour, a female tramp from Brooklyn, she is Lassie on ritalin, she is a pit-bull buried in a ton of fur and sereness, she is the wolf I always wanted growing up.

Mary Bo-Berry, you are my heart and I love your puppy breath, dude.