Friday, August 27, 2004

Immortel Preview - Review


We finished watching the movie and although it was cinematically impressive, we were so lost by the end of it, that I have to suggest that you only watch it if you are prepared to be utterly confused and willing to provide me with much information.

*and I am out*

MsP and I had begun watching this awesome movie about the Nikopol story called Immortel and it was one of the few films that MsP was impressed by.

This is a feat in itself, folks.

But then she had to go study so I am holding off watching the rest of the flick until she gets a chance to view it.

It has a full CGI backlot for the characters and it's rare that you can tell the difference between computer generated actors or real ones.

I felt like I was in an interactive movie, it was great.

So go over to (link is in name of movie) and take a look at the premise, if you enjoy the whole Egyptian = Alien species = creators of the earth theme then you might enjoy this movie.

Personally, I just see it as The Fifth Element visits The Matrix and then was cloned and merged with Final Fantasy DNA, but what do I know?

By the way, I want to thank all my fellow bloggers who left me comments yesterday telling me that it will be "alright".

I love you guys!

I am getting back into the spirit of things and should have the Exorcist and F9/11 reviews by tomorrow.

Stay Classy!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Panic at 29 with a week to go 'till 30

I was going to write about Farenheit 9/11 because I finally got to watch it and discuss how utterly disgusted I was by the end of it. And then, I was going to perhaps continue my blathering about Exorcist: The Beginning, but I am instead opting to bemoan about my impending birthday.

It is next Wednesday (September 1st for you folks without calendars) and I will be 30.

That's when half my life will be over.

It seems though that all I do lately is cry over it but who wouldn't when all they ponder is the fact that they certainly are not where they want to be in life and currently cannot find one man, who is man enough to be with them.

At least the ones that I am interested in.

MsP told me to suck it up and that basically getting to where you want to be requires discipline and that the fact that I am back in school and at least doing what I want to do on some intermediate level at my job (technical stuff) is enough to be proud of, and she is right.

But it's still depressing and altogether sad, but what can you do, right?

People say that when you least expect or when you are totally fed up that that is when love will smack you in the face.

In my case, I think I will need to be bitch-slapped.

I don't is not like I have it hard or easy, I am somewhere in between and as long as I can keep looking at life straight down the middle, I should be alright.



Well, I am going to get my ass in gear and update some more reviews soon but as you can see my mind is wandering on down the road that is "getting older" and there isn't much more I can focus on at the moment.

At least, not until I have some wine this evening and perhaps go on a movie love fest.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Real Life Beckons

Sorry for lack of updates, my co-worker got a new job so I am now the only tech support in the office.

Imagine the increased workload.

I am loving it though, I haven't felt this productive in a while.

Anyway, I did manage to catch The Exorcist: The Beginning and I liked it.

Well, up until the part that I fell asleep that is...

So hopefully I will update by the weekend or sooner if Blogger doesn't get on my last nerve with it's slowness all the time.

Oh and by the way.

Men suck.