Friday, September 17, 2004

Hating the Mechanics of It All

First it was my car pouring her guts out on the Sawgrass Expressway and now it's my computer restarting over and over on its own after I tried to put a new installation of WinXP with service pack 2.

Found out that SP2 is not really bug-free yet.


I am starting to hate having to rely on machines.

I am tempted to bring my work computer home, but I think that will count as a felony or something.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Sims 2 - rehashed -

This is just a post to say:


Because The Sims 2 game is finally available (or so says Gamespot) but I think it won't really be available until friday but either way...who cares!


i feel so much better now

Resident Evil: Apox-on-the-critics - review -

"My name is Alice. I worked for the Umbrella Corperation, There was an accident, then, everybody died. Trouble was...they didn't stay dead."

tee hee

I finally was able to watch RE:A and to say that I happily enjoyed myself would be an understatement.

All I needed was a big bag of chocolate and a male slave rubbing my feet to make it any better.

Well...I did have a bag of chocolate, at least.

Anyway, I am just going to jot my notes down instead of giving a full review because they seem scattered (my thoughts) and sometimes it's just more fun seeing what you wrote while watching a movie, drunk off your arse.

and awaaaaaaaaaay, we go!

"Milla's opening scream is like a slice through the heart"
"The guy from The Mummy is hot (Oded Fehr)! Good to see him in another role where he kicks butt."
"Jill Valentine character looks just like her! Aweeeeesome!"

"Very glad that they went with the RE3 outfit but what cop wears clothes like that???!!"
"With all this running around, I would love to hear just one person come out and say, "Damn, I'm hungry, what about ya'll?" "Anyone?...No?...Damn."
"Damn, Nemesis is scary as fuck. OOoooooooo look at his rocket launcher..."
"Mike Epps is usually so annoying but his line, "I don't need those guns! My shit is custom! had me cracking the hell up."

tee hee

"Loving that they kept the little girl plot of RE3, even though different circumstances."
"Great premise in order to survive you have to rescue someone."
"Alice is fighting Nemesis. Hand to hand. WTF???!!"
"Man, Alice can kick some ass..."

So there's my review and I am sure I have more I can add but I can't think of any right now.

I guess my only last thought would be that if you are an avid fan of the game, you will be able to follow it and enjoy it because you will notice that they don't stray much from the game. Which is what every gamer who sees one of their beloved games go to live-action wants to see occur.

This happens with RE:A and it leaves it wide open for a glimpse of the upcoming Gamecube release "Resident Evil 4" that is due out early next year (although I highly doubt it).

But one can dream, can't they?

By the way, the reason I don't talk about Alice that much even though Milla rox as her, is because I have never heard of this character until the movie itself.

I have never seen hide nor hair of this character in any of the games. Perhaps I should go play them again for the gazillonth time.

Yep, just might happen.

Live-Action "Aeon Flux" in the Making

I just found out that they are taking the MTV animated series, "Aeon Flux" and turning it into a live-action movie.

I was thrilled of course to hear this, but then, just then, I found out who will be playing the main character.

Charlize Theron.

my god, could you possibly put anyone worse? She is soooo happy, for god's sake!

I am all for Theron being one of the greatest new actresses that has come along in the last 10 years and god knows! that I only have respect for a woman that can look curvy and voluptuous and healthy, but Aeon Flux is NOT curvy in any sense of the word.

Theron will have to lose at least 30lbs to be anywhere near what this toon is not packing.

- sigh -

But enough about looks already, I just can't see Theron being the vindictive, snarky assassin in any way shape or form. She is just too chipper. I swear she was vibrating sunlight even when she was playing Aileen in "Monster".


My pick?

Lara Flynn Boyle, because god knows this is the role that could finally break the whole eating disorder frenzy that surrounds her on a daily basis.

"See? There are characters I can play. Sure it's a cartoon image that is totally non-based on reality, but dammit I knew that one day I'd get my chance to flaunt my "type" of physique! Neener, neener!"

Ja, right.

*edit: I just want to add by the way that Aeon is one butt-kicking gal, and it is only natural to want to put someone who is actually healthy in this role, simply because she flips, jumps, spins, shoots, kills and murders with agility and grace. Oh and she gets hit alot. I can't see Lara doing any of that without breaking.

So Charlize, do her proud but please don't end up anorexic cause of this role.

Leave that to the professionals.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Saved! Review

The movie Saved! is right up my alley.

MsP and I watched it yesterday while imbibing chardonnay and we chortled the whole way through.

When a young christian girl (Jena Malone) has sex with her newly found gay boyfriend to "save him", she winds up pregnant and becomes ostracized by the very people she thought were her friends.

With characters in an all christian school ranging from the only jew and a wheel-bound outcast (played wonderfully by Macaulay Culkin) whose sister is the biggest Jesus freak in the school (Mandy Moore), you just have to rejoice in the fact that you do not live in this town of fanatics.

I think the funniest part to me was all the hypocritical goings-on that is typically associated with any type of religious extremists. Single parents lusting after the local pastor who refuses to divorce his wife because it's not "written in the bible", but meanwhile secretly has make-out sessions with the pregnant girl's mom.

Mind you, his son is interested in the girl. It's kinda of creepy but normal all at the same time.

I thought this movie was well-made, contemporary and hilarious and I think anyone hasn't heard of it should go and rent it because it's a sleeper hit with a bite in the ass.

Paparazzi Review

The movie Paparazzi for all it's premise of a "decent" celebrity who was harassed and his family almost killed thus spurring him to seek revenge against his tormenters, didn't impress me too much.

Cole Hauser is so creepy looking that you can't really take him seriously because he just resembles the killer that he becomes from the get-go. I did enjoy his voice and somewhat of his acting, but this movie totally came off like a made-for-tv movie or something that goes straight to cable.

You would think with one of the producers being Mel Gibson (who does make a cameo appearance) and a slew of other stars like Tom Sizemore and B-list actors like Daniel Baldwin, that perhaps these characters would be able to spice up the film a bit. But they all just come off as sleaze bags and I swear I felt nausea rise more than once.

Either way I give it a no-go for a film outing and would just wait for it to come out on DVD simply because it wasn't that great starting out and it wasn't that great when it ended, except for maybe the credits.