Saturday, August 14, 2004

Upcoming reviews

Reviews coming soon (Bourne Supremacy and Manchurian Candidate), just waiting for some inspiration. Just beginning to watch Troy and there is one scene I love already.

Thank god for good movie weekends.

Acclaim and Fabio...what the hell?!

Ok, so I was flipping through an Alpha Flight comic from back in the day (1989) to be exact and I flipped over the first page and I see this.

Do you know who this is?

No, its not some character you can play in the game. Nor will you become this person simply by playing the game.

And man, be glad because you know who this is?

That's right, people.



I think this image has single-handedly ruined my innocence and love for comics and old NES games.

Well, maybe not, but now having to associate my beloved books/side scrollers with romance novels and margarine really sucks ass.

Friday, August 13, 2004

BloodRayne Pre-preview

Ok, I didn't think I would have anything to write about today but dammit if I just didn't find something.

BloodRayne (the video game) will be adapted into a movie.

Now, I love this bitch. I really, really do. Here is a pic of why.

Because she's freaking hot and has a weapon that slices very nice and oh, she is a vampyre.

What more can you ask for in a heroine?

the hope that she rips men's throats out when she is pmsing

Yeah and that too.

So, I will give more info when I hear more, but check out my link for my review of her upcoming game, BloodRayne 2

Should tide you over a bit.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Troy Preview

Ok so Troy has been out of the theatres (I think) for a while now but I will have the opportunity to watch it this evening IF MsP doesn't want to see a marathon of Season 2 Nip and Tuck episodes.

So my quick preview of what I will like about this movie?

Brad Pitt. Yum.

Van Helsing Review

I don't know if you know this but Hugh Jackman is my unborn children's father.

Yes. He is.

My fantasy is of him wearing that wolverine outfit (circa Classic X-men) with a cigar butt in his mouth saying, "Let's get at it, bub."

And of course I say, "Ok." with a slight sigh in my voice.


So why on the 3rd attempt of watching this movie, I have yet to see anything that I can like about it?

Because it's really bad, that's why.

So bad, that even without Jackman, all my favorite horror characters are in it and I still can't find anything redeeming about it at all.

It was like watching paint dry.

And I have actually watched paint dry and it's probably ten times better than this.

Anyway, I still love you Hugh. I will stick with you if you just stick with Wolvie.

Help Make Blogs More Visible

Found this over at another blogger site for anyone who is interested.

Like myself.

Hopefully I will get more readers soon and then I can be as narcissistic in reality as I am in my mind

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


To say that I liked Collateral would be stretching the imagination of what I am capable of providing to you people.

I dug Collateral.

How's that?

You know some movies are just not meant to be anything but pure enjoyment and they just meander along and you will eventually get to where the whole team of producers, directors, screenplay writers and actors are leading you.

Believe me, it happens.

This is one of those movies.

Tom Cruise is a star, I think we all know this, whether he might be gay or not, who cares, the man can act his ass off while not being able to hold a decent conversation with Diane Sawyer on GMA.

He's an actor people, not a nuclear physicist.

'nuff said.

Regardless of all that, Jamie Foxx is a great bouncing board for Cruise's innate sense of black and white thinking. Foxx's character who only views the world as gray and up and down and all around, one focus at a time, it's "my world and you are just the nut" mentality is easily disturbed by even a slight ripple i.e. an assassin who is now co-opting his right as a passenger to take this cab to hell and back if need be.

Yes...I know I rambled on just now, but god knows I haven't provided a decent review in a while.

And just for that comment I will just end right now and say the soundtrack with it's upbeat funk and old jazz memories is a feat within itself.

I mean they even mixed in some hispanics in the mix! Jeez, call the "We are the World" Foundation! I think they want their premise back.

You know what I mean.

Jada is beautiful although not seen that much but when she is, it's worth it.

So hey, I liked it. Can't complain. Not like I paid for it.

If it's not a classic, it's sure to be.


Monday, August 09, 2004

Do Not Pay For These Movies, Please...Don't

Unless it is to rent them.

Even then you might have minimized the cost of the effort for even having to torment yourself watching them.

I watched a slew of movies this weekend and I have to say that I was highly disappointed in a few that I wanted to see...very disappointed.

So disappointed that I might give up movies entirely and just watch anime all damn day long if I have to.

who am I kidding? I do that now

But I digress.

Let me start off with another tribute to I, Robot because we all know I love that movie.

'nuff said.

I watched the highly anticipated The Village, and to say that I was not impressed would be sugar coating it. This was a mess of a movie and I got bored half-way through and I had to turn it off. That's how god awful it was.

you are crazy, Ahta


In the words of MsP, "Mr. Rama-lama-ding-dong, can bite me."

The next movie I saw was King Arthur me and MsP got into it for about 5 seconds and then we had to turn it off. MsP exact words were, "Braveheart meets Gangs of New York. I am not impressed."

Gangs of New York by the way is MsP's favorite movie so you get the jist.

The last movie that we attempted to watch was Godsend and since we were starved for a contempory movie at this point, we were praying and hoping that it would satisfy our cinematic hankering.

I mean Robert DeNiro, people. Isn't that enough?

Apparently not.

Anyway, this movie sucked ass too, and sometimes you can say that the kid "stole the movie" or they have some saving grace, but no, the kid royally sucked.

So, just to spread some hopeful light upon this bashing of movies, I give you Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

are you sure that pic is big enough?

No. I don't.

This movie was delightful and chock-ful of cameos including Luke Wilson, Ben Stiller and a great hodge-podge of people.

We were cracking up left and right and couldn't even believe some of the things we were seeing.

There is a scene with Ron and Christina Applegate's character, Veronica Corningstone, doing the nasty and during the "love scene", they are floating on unicorns and there is a rainbow and Ron is like, "Look, it's the most glorious rainbow ever." and she is like, "Do me on it!"

Yeah. Comedy all the way, baby.

Or you just had to be there. Not sure which.

Anyway, in the words of Ron Jeremy...ooops Burgundy,

"You stay classy, San Diego!"

Or wherever you may be.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

I, Robot Part Deux

I have a review finally and like my preview all I have to say is "Wow".

I apologize for not elaborating on the subject but if it helps any, I was really geeked at seeing the movie use nanites to kill the large evil robot in the end.

I love me some nanites. Nanotechnology is the future and I hope to see more of it occurring as I get older.

Yeah so "wow" pretty much sums it up and I wasn't disappointed in the least.

Go see it.