Friday, August 06, 2004

CatWoman Review

Ok, so I gave my preview of CatWoman earlier and now I can finally comment on it.

Piss drunk it was great. I am sure sober, it's a totally different story.

As a girl, I could care less about the sincerity of this movie. All I know is that I love the cgi effects, the clothes, the hair and the way Halle played a mish-mosh (but still very cute) down-trodden waif who then is transformed into this vicious hellion.

Oh and that she is not impressed by you or yours and she will kick your ass just to prove this.

you go, girl

For me the best part was Sharon Stone of course, she is obviously ageless and made a pact with some vampire many years ago and she looks absolutely beautiful.

The fight scenes though were kind of a farce and I have to agree with Joel Siegel's review where he states, "that you never get the feeling that they were ever in the same room at any time".

Joel, you never fail to amaze me with your perception. That is why I am your movie slave.

The movie didn't impress me on premise since none of the plot has ever been done and it was downright silly. Make-up that can make you hard as marble if you keep using it but will make you down-right gross, if you don't?


Anyway, it's a great B- movie and it's got a lot of action and Benjamin Bratt is a fine piece of ass so that makes it worth renting as well.

But please do not, DO NOT go to the theatre for this flick. Save your money for some wine and some cigs and the rental fee and watch it at home.

Ahta says so. purrrrrrrrrr

Did You Know That Your Computer is The Devil?

Well it is.

I was watching Catwoman last night on my computer and me and MsP were enjoying it thoroughly and then it ended and then my computer decided to let me know that she wasn't going to work.

Ever again.

I could tell by the tiny clue from her screen stating, "Insert Boot Disk into Drive".

I then proceeded to freak out and curse her seven ways from Sunday.

I gave her evil looks, prayed to the goddesses, threw an altar up around her in hopes that she would cease and desist her impetuousness. Sacrificed three chickens and a baby lamb in her name. I even rubbed her steely case because I know she enjoys that from time to time.

But she didn't give in, she just sat there, requesting a disk in her belly, after every restart and every cold shut down.

I finally called my co-worker frantically requesting assistance.

He didn't answer. Damn him for having a life!

So I just sulked, moaned, groaned and threw my hands up to the sky and whispered, "Oh the humanity!", crawled into my bed, wrapped myself up like a burrito and blissfully went to bed.

I dreamed all night of my ex fixing my computer. It was weird.

I woke up this morning, started her ass up and you know what?

Dreams come true, because after a half an hour disk scan she booted up and worked charmingly.

I saw that "a serious session error has been fixed", and I knew that I would never let her go without a good maintanence check again.

I shut her down before leaving to work. Gazed up on her eggshell white beauty and bid adieu until I would clean her out and make her brand new, so as to never, ever be in angst over this matter again.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Well, It's Official

That I am officially addicted to COH (City of Heroes for you slow guys) and it's such an awesome game that I am happy to say that I was right in my assumption that I love kicking the shit out of people or toons, in this case.

Unlike EQ, there is a neverending slew of "missions" you can go on and gain experience like a mad-man and I can't tell you how much I enjoy looking at everyone's get-up (superhero costumes). It just makes me look forward to my gazillion comic books that I will be receiving, hopefully this week, even more.

Welp, that's all I really have to say today except for the fact that I might log on tonight and give you some details about my retarded love-life because man do I need to vent about that.


Tuesday, August 03, 2004

City of Heroes

Well, my good friend, DkZone sent me a copy of C.O.H. and I am very excited to play it. For all of you who have no idea of what a big geek I am, it's an online multiplayer game similar to EQ but in a city...and with superheroes.

Ok, so not exactly the same but you get the jist.

I will be logging on tonight and checking it out and I am indecisive on if I should keep with my personality and go evil or go out of the box and try to be a hero.

I will get back to you on that power struggle.

edited to add that i just found out that I can't be a villian until the next expansion pack, so there goes my hopes for world domination

Monday, August 02, 2004

Fefe Dobson

Is it ok to want to live vicariously through a girl who has no idea about the 80's unless her parents are like in their late 30's?

Man, I love her new song though, "Don't Go", it threw me back so deep to the time of leather and black and even the Cure gasp!

I just like her style and at least if she is gonna massacre my lifetime of growing up and angst, she, at least is doing it in such a way that I can at least revel in it and dance my ass off.

Yeah, I like purple and black and straight hair, man.

Do your thang, girl.

Keep it going.

Demi and the Tale of the Three Daughters

Has it occurred to anyone else that perhaps the only reason why Ashton Kutcher stays with Demi Moore is simply for the fact that she has three hot daughters?

How perverted is that relationship?

Never Argue With An Aries or Touch Her Peaches


A drink that I am dying to make, if I could remember what the hell to put in it.

I found a quick recipe for it online, printed it out and laid it on the kitchen table.

Saturday night, I am like "Oh yes, we have to make them soon! Pears and Champagne! Sooooo GOooooOOoooood!"

i think we clarified earlier that I was drunk, right?

So, MsP is like, "isn't it peaches?"

I am like "NoooooOOOoo, you silly nilly! It's pears!!! There you go again forgetting things. Tsk, tsk on you!" and then I poked her on the nose lovingly.

MsP: No, Ahta, it's peaches. I read it on that recipe you left.
Me: Nooooo, you silly girl! Stop that...right now! It's pears!
MsP: Dude, its peaches.
Me: It's peaches!
MsP: See!@
Me: I am sooo playing with you! I'm so not
MsP: Whatever.
Me: When we get home, I am so showing you. Oh, and I WUUUUUUUV you!
MsP: uh-huh.

So. We get home and we forget about it.

Sunday rolls around and I am thinking about it and I go online to look up how to do a Bellini since I can't find that paper for the life of me and guess what?

Peaches, people.


Been Blah and Back

Ok, so I have been up and down this whole weekend due to the fact that I am a raving lunatic.

But you already know this, don't you?

you should

Anyway, in the process of losing my goddamn mind (which I will get into depth a bit later) I have noticed that I neglected Cab and she was kind of losing it on her site a bit.

It's ok baby, I am back. Don't fret any further. Your wolfie is here for you.

So, yeah Saturday night me and MsP went to our good friend Amy's house and got plastered.

Well, I got plastered, MsP got stoked. Much fun was had by all, but I would like to run the list of drinks that I had and you are sure to be amazed at the fact that I made it home in one piece.

but MsP was driving

Well, then that explains it then.

The Mix-it If You Got It Bar

1. Shot of tequila
2. Glass of red wine
3. Coors light
4. Another shot of tequila
5. Some imported beer
6. Another shot of tequila
7. Corona
8. Corona and finish off friend's red wine
9. Last shot of tequila
10. and certainly not least sucking on last corona like a baby

Now in the process, I ran out of cigarettes so I had to walk to the nearest store in an neighborhood I've been in twice. Our friend's girl says its three blocks away, I'm dreading it.

We walk and it's like a minute away.

Three blocks my ass and whoot! that she was wrong.

I was so drunk, that I was talking about my Dad playing music for me on my birthdays when I was a little girl and bubbling over in tears.

Songs like "Happy Birthday" sans The Beatles, "Shake, shake, shake" sans K.C. and the Sunshine Band and the ever loving "Another bites the dust" sans Queen.

It wasn't pretty. The crying that is.

But I did get alot of awwwwwww's and poor-drunk-baby's out of it.

My friends are wonderful.

Sunday me and MsP went to the beach just to get rained on. Twice.

Then, we snoozed the day away until 5pm, upon where I realized it was "drinky time" and proceeded to get so drunk that I could barely press play on my CD player while slurring to Linkin Park.

My co-worker is back by the way and everything is fine. Thought I'd give you guys an update on that one.