Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Machinist - preview -

I have a feeling that this will always be a preview because unfortunately, I heard that it won't be available in many theatres, which just sucks.

It looks relatively interesting and I think Christian Bale is a great actor and the weight that he lost to do this role is also something I would like to see since they state that he looks like a roaming skeleton.

That's always fun, I'm sure.

Either way, if anyone can PLEASE help me with where I can find this movie playing in Florida, that would be great, 'cause I don't think it will be playing down here.

Surviving Christmas -review-

Two words.

It stank.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Surviving Christmas - 2x preview -

Ok, so I have Surviving Christmas in my greedy little paws so tonight I can watch the horror that is Ben Affleck do again supposedly what people are saying the worst movie of the year.

A while back I posted a semi-ample tidbit of what I thought would be a great movie, but I am just not feeling that way anymore.

Why? Well, because Joel Siegel said so, that's why.

I don't need any further explanation than that, folks, because we all know how I feel about Siegel.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Alfie -review-

Alfie starring Jude Law is a remake on the Michael Caine version (thanks Deann!) and it's rather funny but painfully apparent that it doesn't do well as a remake or in helping the main character out in any way.

Usually with "life-changing" stories you leave the movie feeling like the character has changed for the better in some way or at least that some epiphany has occurred.

Not in this flick.

MsP and I, I must say have never enjoyed looking at Law as much as we did in this movie, and there were times that we literally had to laugh like little old biddies and fan ourselves because he is that terribly hot.

I mean he is unbearably Sahara hot, Africa hot...I think you get my drift.

He is a great lady killer to be sure, but you almost hate him at some points because he is totally oblivious to how he treats and then discards women, then he comes sculking back when he is faced with the inevitable truth that he will end up all alone if he keeps going down the same path that he has been following his whole life.

Sad, indeed. But hey, who wants Law to be in a relationship anyway? I mean, that would totally destroy any damn fantasies I might have...darnit!

All the women were just lovely (although not really fleshed out too much) and I especially enjoyed seeing Nia Long, I have not seen her in a film in a while and her and Law getting it on was a sight to behold.

Omar Epps was a great filler character as well, but they don't really establish their best friend status (supposedly) very often. Seems more like a wing-man situtation when really called upon and the deception that seperates them in the end almost seems like it was bound to happen and the relationship wouldn't have been able to handle much at that point.

Anyway, I am not sure if I liked the movie or not. I might have to rewatch it someday. It was entertaining for a while, but I guess it boils down to in the end, he was still probably an ass.

Monday, October 25, 2004

2W 59M 39S

Quick update:

Cancer Stick free for: Two weeks, 59 minutes and 52 seconds. 98 cigarettes not smoked, saving $16.17. Life saved: 8 hours, 10 minutes.

weeeeeee! I got a whole work day of extra living!