Friday, September 24, 2004


I realized today that I forget that some movies I see aren't even out yet so I might tend to be spoiling the fun. So from now on, I will put *spoiler* in the review title so you can read it at your own risk.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

he flew...

finally, he flew

and although I was reminded of Neo in the Matrix who originally stole it from him, I was glad.

'cause he was flying like the super man that he is.

WB you might be becoming my favorite channel again...well, since the buffy incident.


Shaun of the Dead *spoiler* review

Gathered together at their local pub for a night of drinking and conversation, a group of friends find themselves thrown into a battle against hell-bent zombies.

Shaun of the Dead is one of the rare zombie movies that makes you want to laugh your arse off.

It has been compared to the Evil Dead series (moreso to Army of Darkness which was the 3rd release) more times than I cared to hear so you know I had to go and watch it.

Again, this was a movie that I felt the urge to write actual notes because you aren't being bombarded by visual effects so much as actual great acting and plot.

It was utterly refreshing to interact with the characters and see my main man, Shaun, mature and resolve some major issues in his life with loved ones especially.

So here are my notes, and this time I will try and elaborate.


Me: "tee hee, they are throwing records at the zombies...ewwww, that had to hurt"

Me: "a contemporary english street gang is born! punks with bats, man...what could be better?"

Me: "when british people use american lingo like, "what up, nigga?", it has to be the funniest shit I have ever heard" heeelarious

Me: "are they really pretending to be zombies and getting away with it? COOL!"


Ok, I realize at some point that my writings were very bland because I think I was actually paying attention more to the movie. So let me just say that there was a joint-suicide attempt that I rarely see in these movies simply because the heroines always manage to escape.

In this case they thought they were screwed but they weren't and thankfully that they didn't kill each other with the last of the ammo, cause that would have really sucked especially when they were rescued not even a minute later.

Best part of the movie: When they show how Shaun keeps his now zombified best friend in the shed so that he can still play Playstation with him from time to time.

I guess his friend wasn't all that different from zombie mode prior to his death.


Anyway, I think I almost liked it better than Evil Dead, but that would be blasphemy.

*edit: I realize this wasn't one of my best reviews, I am feeling blah and ughie today. I really enjoyed this movie alot, I think Deann would even like this

No review on Sky Captain until the end of October (hopefully you will have seen it then anyway) I am saving it for a good friend of mine upon her travel to FL.

Man, I love the British.

*edit 2: I knew me and Joel Siegel were bonded because he loved this movie too and he states that it is the funniest zombie movie ever.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Smallville *yes!*

I know I review lots of movies (barely books or games anymore sue me) but I do love this one show.

I actually love T.V. ferociously, like a mamma lioness guarding her brood.

You were my babysitter when I was growing up. I love you.

Tomorrow @ 8pm, season premiere, WB.

Me, you and a bottle of beer.

Oh, the you is the television, people. Just in case you didn't catch that.

I Am *Awesome* Worship Me

No, really you should.

I fixed my computer with nary a man's help and I used a screwdriver, cd's, fdisk, and a flashlight to do it all.

Man, I never knew how easy this stuff was. I mean I knew, but never really knew.

It was great, tearing it apart, putting it back together again.

I felt strangely detached and restless after it was finished and purring again like a kitten. A brand new Win2000 installation, updated all my drivers etc etc.

Found out which one of my damn hard drives was failing...pulled it out, stuck good one back in (pervert!), cleaned it out...good times.

But that feeling did go away after a while, wanna know why?



I'm a bit giddy today, but so what.

Tomorrow (if all goes well) a review on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.