Saturday, January 15, 2005

White Noise -review-

The intro to White Noise scared the beejesus out of me and I thought I was looking forward to a pretty good horror flick. I even got a kick out of the cheesy family portrayal that the movie started off with, Michael Keaton (looking pretty good, I might add) his wife and his son, all in the kitchen, early in the morning, preparing breakfast. Very cute.

But then things got weird.

Anyway, to make a long story short, and to say offhand that I didn't finish this movie because it got offkey rather quickly, Keaton's wife dies and he is traumatized. He has his son stay with his ex-wife for a while and earlier in the film, he was bombarded by a man whose son had died and he informs Keaton that if he would like to make contact with his wife through electronic pulses that he can do it for him. Oh and that the reason he is even approaching him about it is because his wife has been contacting him.

Yeah, you read what I said...and how is she doing this? Through a TV...yeah, sound familiar, anyone?

Anyway, the guy dies supposedly by evil ghosts and Keaton takes over his studies to continue contacting his wife, he becomes obssessed. He finds out along the way, there are good ghosts and evil ghosts, and that also he can now see when people will die before it even happens via the boob tube. So, he sets out to help these people.

And there are three spooky guys who roam around his house when he's not there.

I don't get this movie, I didn't see the end, but it had some good jolts here and there.

Sorry for such an awful review, but I guess when I finally find the time to watch it again, I can update this one...or maybe not.

Hopefully, I will be watching "Closer" this evening, so I will have something on that soon.

Friday, January 14, 2005

And so the wolf cried wolf...

That's right, looks like I fibbed in my last blog entry.

No reviews.

I'm sure all my readers (all 3-4 of you) will be very upset.

I don't think I need to clarify my reasons for not updating.

Anyway, sorry folks it is like crack, and I don't think I will be off the pipe anytime soon.

BUT with that said, I might have some regular blog entries that I know you will find oh so fascinating,


Safe journey and take a gander at my favorite links, you will enjoy those folks as much as I do.

Peace and hair grease.