Friday, September 10, 2004

Resident Evil: Apocalypse : thoughts :

Resident Evil: Apocalypse comes out today and yet again I will not be attending a movie theatre to go see something I really really want to see.

Thanks for asking why, because I was starting to think you didn't care.

Reasons why I am not going to the damn movies:

1. I have noone to go with. MsP hates these types of movies and anything that she even has the slightest raised hair on the back of her neck about, she will not pay to go see. And my other best friend, Cab, is in NY so what good is she? grunt

2. I am not too familiar with where an actual theatre is around here. so what if I have lived here for over a year. meh on you!

3. (and this is the best reason) Why pay for a movie (especially when you are broke) when you can just wait for the download?

See how that works?

Yeah, well if you don't let me wind it up for you again.

I really want to pay for this movie and go see it, but I have no friend to go with, no money and certainly no loyalties.

I am just an empty shell without morals. I can admit it.

Anyway, when I finally get to see it this weekend, I will give you my review.

I am sure I will love all the gratuitous fun that will be coming my way by watching a live action Nemesis stomp the shit out of Milla, who is really rockin' this role by the way.

Adios, via condios, buhbye.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

And then..She Posted

Yes, I am alive and well and I have to wonder why noone cared to leave comments like,

"Ahta, we hope you are doing well." or
"Ahta, please don't be dead!" or
"Ahta, we saw a tree fall over in your complex, were you under it?"

courtesy of MsP

I can see who my true friends are...yes, I see you or maybe I don't in your lousy cases!

Anyway, Frances wasn't all they cracked it up to be on the news. Some places got hit more than others which is understandable if whatever deity above was particulary unhappy with that area that day. But all in all more damage occurred to my property prior to the hurricane.

So, MsP and I are back at work and I have to say that I was going stir crazy in that apt for almost 4 days straight and am you -hear- me? GLAD to be back at work.

Oh, and I might have some future cutie prospect going on so cross your fingers for me because I need all the help I can get.

Bye ya'll!