Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Alexander -review-

I have a feeling that people will hate me for this review (or that one person who reads this blog in reality) since obviously all my RL friends suck) but I loved it and since we all know how much I just adored Troy, this might come as a relatively HUGE surprise.

Anyway, I think the acting was absolutely wonderful and Colin Farrell has impressed me beyond belief because as a heterosexual, I thought for sure I would see him squirm at least a little in his scenes with Jared Leto, but to my great delight he did not. I have to say to everyone though that there wasn't enough male on male love for my tastes.

Poo on you, Ollie.

Val Kilmer was off the wall as Philip and I relished every moment that he was on the screen. To my surprise, Angelina Jolie slightly annoyed me and we know how much she is the faux lesbian lover in my life, so to say I was a bit upset would be an understatement.

But overall, I think Stone did well with keeping in tune with the major points of Alexander's life. It's a movie of a lifetime, after all. There is no way in hell that you can put everything of a person in one time slot, so you have to make due with what you got.

I think that it gives a different angle on the wars, love and the people who sought to control him even up until his death and I wasnt dissatisfied.

It also helped that it was visually stunning.

I personally don't think it makes a good theatre movie, I probably would've been bored to tears. But in the comfort of your own home its a guilty pleasure flick that is rather good in my opinion.

Sort of like Desperate Housewives.

Anyway, forget what you heard from the critics, this movie will be in my DVD collection before you can say, "Oscar? Shaaaa...right!".